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To the beautiful lives splashed in hues of dark melanin, to the courageous hearts of the LGBTQ community, to the immigrating brothers and sisters looking for a home, to the souls practicing their chosen path toward Truth: Daily, you have to question if you matter, if you're okay, if you belong. I'm so deeply sorry. What horrifying questions you've been cornered to ask. I hear it, I'm paying attention, I'm learning, I'm finding you, and I'm seeing your pain everywhere. It's an achey atrocity that it takes a publicized Klan of hatred to further wake us up to the injustice that has already existed for far too long. We should have found you and loved you sooner, better. The learning curve is slow and sharp. The fear-driven system hasn't let itself soak up your beauty. The self-consumed system has betrayed your value and the poison still remains while such a thing as white (straight, male, religious, American) supremacy and fascism exists. You are worth knowing that I recognize its toxicity and am finding better ways to spit it out, to find you, and to be with you. May your voice be recognized beyond the noise. May your struggle become mine. May our bonds together grow stronger as we each humbly come to the table of grace. May humanity relinquish the need to white-knuckle another soul. May we ask better questions, seek each other out, share a drink together, and use our imaginations to create more vibrational harmony. May you be engulfed in celebration for being exactly the person you are. These words are but drops in an ocean. May it be said anyway. Because maybe enough ripples will make waves and those waves will tide into a rolling justice.

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