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About Me

Hey friends! Krystina here.

Welcome to my little corner, tucked away in the vast space that is the world wide web.

Here you'll find swirls of life - Mostly photographs that say the truth, curiosity about everything, and the thump, thump, thump of explorative beats. On the blog, there are words that come out as collisions, warbling on about a current thought-thread, something I'm passionate about. Like authenticity or how we need each other or the way the sun is filling the room right about now. It's all written with love, and honesty, and you in mind.

It's my slightly-secret attic box, collecting and preserving the journey as it passes by. The valued things, the substance of the here and now. Crispy fries by the ocean, snapping while you dance, a strong hug when you need one. Through my camera and mind, I watch for signs of life.

I'm honored by your willingness to climb into this crazy attic with me.
To think and converse, to enjoy and journey together is my absolute deepest reward.

Thank you for your eyes.

Cheers to this wild and whimsical life!


Available for photography and writing services.

If you're interested in working together or have any questions at all, please send me a note below, or via email/telephone. I'd be happy to be in touch!

I so look forward to working with you!


Individual Portraits

Senior, Business, & Individual Portraits

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Photojornalism Lifestyle

Lifestyle & Journalism

Publications, Events, Essays,

Blogs, & Branding

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New Hampshire // New England Photography

By Telephone: (603) 320-0422

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